Stolen Dental Equipment

stolen dental material

Beware of Stolen Dental Equipment & Merchandise
A renowned trader of dental surgery and clinical equipment in Karachi – Mehran Dental Suppliers, has reported that; Recently, four armed dacoits barged into their office and took away a wide range of dental equipment, instruments and merchandise, besides 50,000 Rupees in cash.
Therefore, Dr. Dhan Raj from Mehran Dental Suppliers has issued a special request to all the suppliers and traders of Dental goods and the dental clinics, not to purchase this stolen merchandise.
If the dacoits or any culprits approach you for sale of this stolen equipment, you are requested to immediately inform Mehran Dental Suppliers, who are ready to take legal action against these dacoits.
The honorable community of dental traders and practitioners must cooperate and take collective action against such criminal elements, to overcome the menaces of dacoity, extortion and illegal trade in the market. We hope, all the traders will cooperate in this regard.
The items stolen from Mehran Dental Suppliers include:
– 50 packets of Hanshin X-ray films (Japan)
– 20 packets of Ceastream Dental X-ray films
– 30 packets of Silver Capsules Spill 3, 2 & 1.
– 3 pieces of Bonart Art callers
– One piece of Scallex 880 plus Scaller Dental America
– 6 pieces of SKL Scaller (China)
– 4 pieces of LED light cure (China)
– 2 pieces of Intra Oral Cameras
and many more similar items.
Mehran Dental Suppliers and Dental News will be thankful to anyone who cooperates in this regard and helps in controlling thefts and illegal trade of dental instruments and equipment.

April 9, 2014

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