Teaching Dental Youth the Changing Needs of Modern Dentistry


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KARACHI – The Association of Young Dental Surgeons (AYDS) recently took the initiative to launch a student-focused symposium on the subject of “Evolutionary Dentistry”. The symposium was organized at Regent Plaza Hotel and was very well-attended, with hundreds of dental students from numerous dental colleges of Karachi being in attendance. Also present on the occasion were a number of senior dentists of Pakistan, including Dr Aqeel Shaikh, Dr Feroz Jahangir, Dr. Ahmed Bari, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Butt, and others. Dr. Jamaluddin, Member PMDC, was also in attendance. The event was sponsored by Colgate and Martin Dow Pharmaceutical.

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The purpose of this one-day symposium was to empower the youth in dentistry through promotion of dental education, delving into modern research, guidance for career as well as dental practice, and overall improvement of the dental profession and dental community of Pakistan.teaching dental03

The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, which was followed by the inaugural ceremony and oath-taking proceedings. The esteemed speakers at the event were Dr Kashif Naqvi, Head of Department Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Hamdard University Dental Hospital, and Dr. Khurram Pervaiz, Vice Principal of Dr. Ishrat ul Ebad Institute of Oral Health Sciences, DUHS. The lecturers delivered informative and interactive talks on advancement in the field of dentistry and offered enlightening and inspirational career guidance to the dental youth present at the conference

The event was a successful endeavour and received positive feedback from all those in attendance, signalling the need and aspiration of similar events in greater frequency in the future.teaching dental05

The Association of Young Dental Surgeons is a newly launched organization based in Karachi and headed by Dr. Faizan Yaseen, a young well-known dental surgeon. The Patron-in-Chief of AYDS is Dr. Amir Akbar Shaikh. AYDS is a non-profit dental association devised for undergraduate as well as graduated young dentists of Pakistan who are thriving to learn the art and skill of modern dentistry via advanced technology, latest researches, and improved dental knowledge and practical skills.

December 4, 2017

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  2. Dr Abdul samad mengal says:

    Great step appreciated

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