The Importance of Gaining Loyal Patients


This may sound rather clichéd but like all other fields, dentistry also requires that you ensure that the patient wants to come back to your practice. This will only be possible when patients are happy with the services and care that their dentists provide them. Keep in mind that your success as a dentist will depend on not how many difficult cases you handle, but how many regular patients you have who are not only happy with your work, but also recommend you to others.

Here are some ways to make sure that you acquire satisfied patties in your dental practice.

Satisfied Patients are Loyal

Yes, this could be repetitive but they are loyal. Why? Because they trust you with something very intimate, their mouth. Imagine a person meddling with the insides of your mouth each month and having to trust their decisions with what they do. Hence, patients who rely on their dentists are not only satisfied they also trust them.

These patients are not worried about the costs or expenditures, they are only interested in the care and services provided to them and their families. The best part is that the patient does not have to worry about looking for other doctors to look after their oral needs nor do they have to research for the best dentist in town.

Clarity and Understanding

It is essential that dentists come down to the level of a layman. If they don’t talk to their patients in simple and easy to understand language, they will not be able to grasp the actual problem. This would result in uncertainty and incomprehension. A Futuredontics survey shows that 93% of respondents prefer dealing with dentists who are clear with their explanations.

What’s more, the better a patient is able to understand what the dentist is trying to say, the more there will develop trust between them.

Use of Videos

Videos and charts are something that quickly relay information in easy to understand manner. This is exactly what the patient needs at a time when they are in stress, namely when they are visiting the dentist. With the aid of a video, a dentist will clearly show the patient what the problem is and how it can be resolved without difficulty. The best part is that no matter what strata of life the patient may be from, they will be able to decipher the meaning of a video with ease.

Communication and Sharing

When dentists are open and communicative with their patients, the patients act likewise. They too become sharing and are more open to ideas and suggestion. Not only will they listen to the advice of their dentists they will also readily accept anything that is relayed to them. These patients will be willing to visit the dentists routinely and will be sure not to skip any of the regular appointments because they will neither shy away nor be agitated at the thought of seeing the dentist.

Word of Mouth

Research shows that happy patients are the ones who are most likely to share their experiences not only with their close loved ones and family members, but also friends, acquaintances, neighbors and other people. This in turn increases the popularity of the dentist because people are more likely to visit a dentist they have heard from someone of.

Exposure and Experience

Dentists who have long term patients also gain a lot of experience and exposure. They understand they variety of treatments that can be offered for the same problem. But another great thing is that these dentists also become familiar with the psyche of patients and how best to handle their fear. They know what makes the patient tick and how to put their terror at bay.

In simple words, people are not too concerned about money where good dental health care is concerned. So long as the dentist is reliable and efficient, people will be willing to pay high charges too, because they understand the long term benefits of going to a trustworthy dentist. This is something that dentists must understand and make a part of their practice so that people can rely on them become their long term patients.

April 20, 2017

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