This dentist does hypnosis on his patients!


Did you know that dental phobia is an actual fear for a huge number of people? Research shows that about 80% of the people have some kind of dental phobia and out of these 10% prefer not visiting the dentist at all? It may be surprising for some of you, but for others the fear is very real. Just the idea of having a person rooting around in your mouth is terrifying, especially if there are giant syringes involved.

And this is the reason why dentists around the world are coming up with new ways of dealing with the fear and panic of their patients. One such method is known as hypnosis for dental care. This kind of hypnosis is not about magical words or waving fingers, nor does it include a swinging watch. Instead it’s about relaxation and deep calm. It is a type of hypnosis that deals with selective words and calming voice. It is about creating a sort of relaxed vision for the patient so that they can focus on it and forget about the ordeal at hand.

One dentist in Edmonton, Canada studied this hypnosis in a year-long program and was shocked to learn of its impact. He discovered that not only did it work wonderfully, but also that it could help even the worst of cases.

What needs to be realized is that thoughts shape reactions and this is why positive and negative thoughts affect the way human bodies react to situations. This is the reason why pain and pleasure are influenced by positive and negative mindsets.

Same is the case with dental processes and dental hypnosis. When the patient is made to calm down, they forget about the trauma at hand and cool down enough to let the procedure begin. The dentist was amazed to see how much hypnosis was able to help all the patients who were terrified of visiting the dentists for their dental checkups and surgeries.

Even though there are other alternatives for patients who want to get dental treatments done, like anesthesia and sedation, hypnosis is still by far the best. It does not have any side effects, nor does it need to be performed with the aid of any kind of medicine. All that is needed is a calm tone and some soothing words. And the greatest thing is that the root cause of the fear is eliminated and in time completely destroyed.


April 19, 2017

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