Uol Equipped With Dental Operating Microscope

By Dr Attique ur Rehman

Improvements in technology have greatly benefited the medical profession. One such innovation is an Operating Microscope which is indeed an essential part of an ophthalmologist’s armamentarium.

The human tooth is of comparable size to the eye, however ironically the use of magnification is not as much in vogue among dentists. The use of Dental Operating Microscope for many specialized and detailed procedures is now the Standard of Care in dentistry. Currently there are hardly if any dental practitioners in our country to be using a microscope.

The Operative Dentistry Department of University of Lahore has become the first center of Punjab to be equipped with a state-of- art Carl Zeiss Opmi Pico Dental Operating Microscope.

The Head of Department Dr. Salman Ashraf Khan elaborated on the features and advantages of the modern equipment. The microscope features ‘fiber optic coaxial illumination’ which enables shadow-less lighting of the operating field. The magnification can be adjusted from 2.4x  to 12 x. The eyepieces for viewing by the operator are fully adjustable. A live video display of the procedure can also be seen using an LCD display. Still and video recording can also be made for patient record and teaching purpose.

The Dean of University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD), Prof Moghees Baig and Medical Superintendent of Dental Hospital UCMD, Dr Aslam Ch, were hopeful that it would greatly enhance the skill level and learning of Post graduate trainees.


June 14, 2018

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