What is the cost of a dental education?


Dentists play an essential role in the overall health of a patient. Dentistry is globally considered as a noble and leading profession despite the substantial investment that goes into receiving proper dental education. Recent studies prove that this hefty initial investment is much better compared to the ones that go into other professional fields. With the increase in general public awareness regarding the importance of oral healthcare and its direct co-relation with overall healthcare, there is an expected increase in demand for dental professionals.

Selecting dentistry as a profession goes beyond the scope of simply meeting standard educational requirements to later earn a handsome income. Prospective dental students should base their decision after careful strategic thinking assessing the pros and cons of the profession with regards to the number of hours put into the job, the general work environment, possible work related stress, as well as the overall job experience and satisfaction. The standard of education acquired by each dental professional will not be the same therefore the ROI (Return on Investment) will differ for every dental graduate depending upon his or her degree.

The following points discuss the total cost of dental education and the associated rewards expected upon the completion of your degree.

The Average Cost of a Dental School Education:

The total investment that goes into receiving a proper dental education differs for each candidate depending on multiple factors that add up to alter the debt owed after graduation. It depends primarily on the institute and the additional expenses paid during the 4 year course progression.

The average cost of 4 years of professional education at a dental school in Pakistan ranges from approximately 800,000 rupees (Government Sector) to 3, 000,000 rupees (Private Sector). This aggregate does not include any additional costs for certain exams, any examination fees, overdue fines, books, scrubs, dental kits, etc.

A fresh dentist’s overall ROI for professional education varies depending on the result of certain variables:

  • Admission Fee: Every institute charges a certain amount of admission fee that varies depending on the funding of the institution. Privately run institutes ask for a greater amount as compared to government funded institutes.
  • Location: International students pay a substantially higher net tuition fee amount.
  • Financial Aid: A student may pay for their dental education using a combination of parent contribution, grants, as well as scholarships.
  • Personal Expenses: Other expenses including food, accommodation, and transport are generally not supported by scholarships or financial aid programs therefore the students must arrange for those themselves.

A professional dental degree is worth the initial investment because it guarantees profit and payback.

May 10, 2017

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