Why are people still getting infected even after the COVID-19 vaccine?

This article will offer a deep insight into reinfection even after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. A mystery that is surrounding everyone in a pandemic.

-by Dr Yasir Israr

The third wave of COVID-19 has hit many regions worldwide. Pakistan and Brazil seem to be suffering the most from it. A major contributing factor is a general sense of carelessness amongst the general population towards observing SOPs. Especially when the number of infections dropped below alarming rates past the second wave. A wave of foolish optimism further enforced this laxity. Thanks to the announcement of the vaccine by major pharmaceutical companies. Though experts still warn to observe social distancing and disinfection measures.

The rising concerns of COVID-19 vaccine

There has been a conflicted response in the general population towards the vaccine. Some people believed that the manufacturers have rushed the vaccine. Conspiracy theories have further fueled such ‘beliefs.’ There have been alarming developments as people suffered varying degrees of side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine. Simultaneously, some, even to the surprise of many, tested positive for the disease again. This did cause outrage among the community. Concerns have raised about pushing the vaccine towards everyone when it poses side effects hence practically being next to useless. 

The general lack of information regarding the working of the vaccine has highly attributed to such factors. Health experts believe it is more important to educate people about this phenomenon. It might lead to more detrimental effects if people violate SOPs and refuse to take the vaccine.

The science of COVID-19 vaccine

Scientist claim that trials and distribution of vaccines are important. Especially towards the prevention of the development of severe symptoms from COVID-19. Hence, you can get infected, but you won’t be able to develop the disease in your bodies. This is also known as an asymptomatic carrier. This means that even though you might be protected from the severity of the disease, the chances of spreading to other unsuspecting members of society are still high. Thus leading to cause potentially fatal implication.

Getting COVID positive

Some people are testing positive even after getting the vaccines. However, experts explained it as people in the middle of their asymptomatic stage getting the vaccine without enough time to provide an adequate level of protection. Even some still can get a false-positive result due to an immune reaction. The numbers here actually pretty small, so there is no need for concern. Others are confusing any antibody test which indicates positive immunity with a COVID sensitivity test which indicates an active disease process.


Scientists are still trying to fine-tune the vaccination program. However, most of the news circulated are nothing more than misconception and hoaxes. CDC and WHO strongly recommend getting the vaccine as soon as possible. Thus, people can overtly contain pandemic even if half the population managed to get vaccinated.

-The author is contributing writer at Dental News and can be reached at Follow Yasir on Instagram: @dr_yasirisrar

April 21, 2021

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