Why don’t people brush their teeth?


As disgusting/astounding as it may sound to you, not brushing their teeth routinely is a norm for many people around the world. Yes, there are still hundreds out there who believe the philosophy that brushing their teeth daily, twice a day is not essential. For most the argument is pretty simple and straight forward, there is no harm in not brushing, so why bother? Hence, these people don’t even try to maintain any kind of oral hygiene. But there are other reasoning in the picture too.

1.    Lack of Concern

Most people these days are simply not paying attention to what they put in their time at what time of the day and what they do afterwards. This means that bacteria accumulates in their mouth throughout the day and at night which results in bad odor, plaque, discolored teeth and even tooth decay.

2.    No Apparent Bad Experience

As mentioned before, many people do not brush their teeth because they feel that nothing bad is happening to their mouth or their teeth even though they aren’t doing anything to take care. Just because a person doesn’t need to visit a dentist most certain does not mean that there is nothing wrong with their dental care. It is later diagnosed that many people who are not careful about their dental care end up getting serious dental conditions later in their lives.

3.    Forgetfulness

This is another major reason why many people do not brush their teeth, especially youngsters, simply because they forget. This is because they do not consider it important enough a task to indulge in which is why it escapes their minds.

4.    The Rebellious Attitude

When kids are growing up or people who generally like to break rules, prefer not to brush because it allows them a sense of satisfaction as they are going against the norms and doing something extraordinary. Again what needs to be understood is that this streak of rebelliousness is only going to harm them and no one else when some kind of oral health disease manifests.

5.    Lethargy or Laziness

Laziness can also be the cause of no brushing attitude. People who are unconcerned or who simply are too lazy will not put in any effort into brushing their teeth daily, let alone twice a day each and every day.

6.    Lack of Awareness or Education

Perhaps the worst reason for not brushing teeth in this time and era is not being aware of the risks and hazards of not brushing regularly. The diseases and infections one can acquire due to lack of oral hygiene are immense which is why people need to be made aware of them so that they can actively start taking care of their mouth, teeth and gums.

7.    Time Constraints

Some people are so busy with their work and personal lives that they simply do not find the time to brush teeth each and every day. Or if they do they do it only once a day.

8.    Life Style Constraints

Hectic routines or travelling too much also allows for a difficult life style which too hinder brushing routines for many people.

9.    Lack of Belief in Oral Hygiene and It’s Importance

There are many people out there who just don’t think that oral hygiene matters or investing time in it even matters.

10. Alternative Cleaning Methods?

Some people think that cleaning with a toothpick is enough which is why they don’t bother using brushes after dinners.

What people fail to understand is that even though there may not be particular changes outwardly in the short run, the long term consequences of no taking care of the oral hygiene can be dangerous for the overall health as well.

May 14, 2017

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