WOHD 2018 Educational Seminar Held at Baqai Dental College

Karachi: The Department of Community Dentistry, Baqai Dental College, has embarked on a journey of eradicating oral health problems seen in different communities, specially the rural areas where oral care and treatment is mostly neglected. This year, Department of Community Dentistry, Baqai Dental College celebrated World Oral Health Day with great enthusiasm. This year’s theme for World Oral Health Day 2018  was “Say Ahh! Think mouth think health.” This powerful slogan highlights the importance of oral hygiene, to maintain a healthier body.

The Department of Community Dentistry, BDC, organized a special forum for Dental Public Health consultants from various dental colleges, to come forward and share their knowledge regarding Dental Community Services, to spread knowledge amongst the dental faculty and dental students.


Dr. Ashar Afaq, Associate Professor and Head of Department Community Dentistry and Vice Principal Dow International Dental College (Dow University of Health Sciences).

Dr. Sidra Mohiuddin, Assistant Professor and Head of Department Community Dentistry from Ziauddin University.

Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi, Associate Professor and Vice Principal from Bahria University; were invited to speak at the occasion.

The program was hosted by Dr. Danial and Ms. Aisha Mateen, and the event commenced with the recitation of Holy Quran, by Tabish, student of 2nd Year BDS. Prof Dr. Asghar Ali Shigri (Head of Department of Community Dentistry) BDC, gave the welcome address and highlighted the importance of oral health in our lives. Prof Shigri spoke about World Oral Health Day, and the role Community Dentistry plays in spreading awareness regarding oral diseases.

Notable speakers were welcomed one by one to give their presentations on this special occasion. The first speaker, Dr. Ashar Afaq spoke regarding the WOHD’s slogan “Say AHH Think Mouth Think Health”.

Dr. Sadia Mohiuddin gave an excellent presentation on the topic. This served as an informative tool for all the dental students.


Lastly, Dr. Kulsoom Fatima Rizvi spoke about the “Role of Policy makers in Oral Health”. This topic grasped everyone’s attention and served as accessory information from within the field of Dental Public Health.

Dr. Talha .M. Siddiqui, Vice Principal, BDC, briefly explained the forth coming events of Baqai Dental College, to increase student knowledge and exposure. Principal, BDC, Prof. Dr. Kashif Ikram expressed his gratitude towards all the remarkable speakers, Prof. Shigri and his team and all the students present at the occasion.

 Prof. Dr. Zahida Baqai, Vice Chancellor Baqai Medical University in her concluding remarks, appreciated the efforts of Community Dentistry’s Department for organizing such a big and informative event.

The program was concluded by shield distribution ceremony amongst the guest speakers, sponsors and team of Community Dentistry’s Department. Lunch boxes, sponsored by Doctors Toothpaste, were distributed.


May 5, 2018

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