Workshop on Research Methodology at LUMHS, Jamshoro


By Dr. Mirza Arsalan Baig

A workshop on Research methodology arranged jointly by  the Medical Research Centre of Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences and the Dental Institute was held at LUMHS recently, with a view to introducing the participants to the ways of good research and presentation as well as promoting research culture in our graduate.


The workshop was specially useful for the undergradates, who are already involved in research or for those about to embark on a research project. Young researchers found this event has being particularly appropriate to their needs,  ask knowledge about research methodology is one of the non-clinical topics which form an important part of Postgraduation training. It was considered essential for trainees to acquire an understanding of research methodology so that they are able to critically appraise research reports on any subject. The said workshops on research methods and technique was full of methods and techniques of data analyses, with understanding of the logic underlying the various techniques, methods and research design as a whole. At this presented a logical and conceptual knowledge that would be so helpful and supporting to our youth in the research progression. Keeping this challenge in mind. The present workshop was so designed.

The guests of honor were LUMHS’ Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mashhoor Alam Shah, Dr. Bihika Ram, research director and Principal Institute of dentistry Noor Ahmed Khoso. The academic reforms initiated the dynamic Vice- Chancellor by Professor Mashoor Alam Shah LUMHS, for two years ago motivated the faculty to further strengthen teaching, research and extension activities with the University-system. To focus on interdisciplinary researches, Research Director Dr. Bihika Ram, organized two day workshop. The objective of the workshop was to enhance the build capacities of young scholars

Aims and objective of this two-day of this workshop to provide key insights into Research Methodology. As it was good opportunity for youngsters to interact with the distinguished speakers and get first hand information on how to be an effective researcher. The workshop was facilitated by Dr. Munir Ahmed Sheikh (Incharge PMRC, LUMHS),Dr.Mirza Arsalan Baig ( Lecturer Institute of Dentistry),Dr.Mohmmad Muslim ( Asst. Proff. Dentistry) and Dr. Sairah Baloach.

Vice chancellor Mashoor Alam said; Scholars in the medicine, dentistry and the life-sciences are expected to not only generate interesting and important theory, but also to test these theories using state-of-the-art statistical analyses. Recent innovations in the statistical applications available to scholars facilitate the testing of more complex, multi-level and dynamic models.

Workshop in Research Methods Program was designed to provide to the young scholars & junior faculty, an opportunity to master techniques of research methodology.

Teaching sessions addressed developing a research idea; study design; project management; analysis; presentation and interpretation of data; dissemination of results.

Group sessions allowed participants to provide criticism of a published research paper; to help design a clinical trial; detect common pitfalls in analysis and interpretation of data.

The input provided were on qualitative and quantitative research, mainly on the research design, hypothesis, formulation of research problems, sampling, types of sampling, correlation and regression, writing research report or synopsis and visit were organized in medical research centre to make familiar with research instrumentations

The workshop also intended to help Honours level students or those who have had no previous experience of doing empirical research but who are already working towards formulating a research topic.

Much of this short session was devoted to introduction of the key terms used while writing a research proposal. Hopefully consequent to the discussion on these terms a basic understanding of the nature of the research product and the research process will become easy to grasp.

March 6, 2013

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