Year in review: How dentistry innovated in 2013


The year 2013 saw some of the finest innovations to be introduced in the world of dentistry, ushering in the next step towards dental evolution. Following are some of these innovations and how they will influence the dentistry of the future.

1. D900 dental lab scanner with real color technology by 3shape

One of the future essentials of the future, the D900 lab scanner incorporates four high resolution 5MP cameras. This feature will allow speed and precision and color scanning much desired in the current lab scanner designs.

2. Perma cem 2.0

Designed exclusively for zirconium restorations, the PermaCem 2.0 utilizes both chemical and mechanical adhesion to provide strong substrate bonding. No etchingis required, and a viscous non-drip formulation allows for easy application and cleanup with optimal outcomes.

3. Peptide mimetics to reinforce dentogingival attachment

This technology proposal and research is developing a set of peptides which will facilitate dentogingival attachment, thereby preventing pathological biofilms to form on the surfaces leading to periodontal disease. Carried out by Bernhard Ganss and Eli Sone, the research aims to create formulations that can be incorporated in toothpastes for easy over the counter use for widespread dissemination to masses. The research aims to create these peptides at a cheap price to ensure access to majority of users.

4. ITero imaging system

ITero imaging system breaks through the clutter of scanning posibilities for orthodontic and restorative procedures, improving scanning time and accuracy. With a user friendly and lightweight fiber optic cord and scanning wand, the chair side scanning will be easier and efficient.

5. Roxolid short implant carrying a punch

Straunnman leads the dental implant innovation by introducing Roxolid 4mm Tissue Level ‘Short Implant’. This unique implant is designed to address problems of extensive bone augmentation, reducing invasiveness and providing solutions to patients with insufficient bone.

6. Ceramic implants

The long wait for a ceramic implant is over thanks to another feat by Straunnman to introduce all new mono type ceramic implant by overcoming the mechanical retention concerns associated with the material. Clinical studies promise success for this product, which will introduce a new option for patients who are uncomfortable with the use of metallic implants. So far this product is a controlled market release.

7. Prep check

The foundations of a good dental surgeon begin during his college years. Keeping this in mind is a new system called prep check, a computer aided training system aimed at teaching students the art of creating perfect preparations. The results of the students can be stored and then called up at later stages to identify progress.

 8.Dental vibe

Here’s another product to make your dental clinic experience more memorable and less painful. Dental Vibe utilizing the Vibra Pulse technology sends soothing pulses in the oral cavity during the injection process, thereby removing the sting from the experience. The underlying theoretical model is the gate control theory of pain, which allows soothing releif particularly to children during the anesthesis process.

9. Dentrix ascend

Practice management solutions are keeping up with the dental technological trends, with Dental Ascend, a cloud-based practice management system providing integration of clinical, front office and business management compatible with all kinds of devices. This software removes the need to place extensive hardware in the clinics, thereby leading to quality at cheaper price.

10.Areas of development: Additive manufacturing

One area that will take center stage in the years to come is the 3D printing technology. This technology is sure to revolutionize the way dental laboratories operate and will redefine aesthetic and precision criteria in the dental field.

January 1, 2014

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