Your teeth and mouth indicate how healthy you are


How healthy are you? That’s a hard question to answer for all of us, if we are being honest. We may have not visited the doctor in the while, but a series of upset stomachs, back aches, headaches and other such pains and ails suggest that the body is not in total harmony with itself.

Additionally, it should also be considered that one’s health is relative to our perception of what constitutes a healthy mind and body, as well as what a healthy diet looks like. In some instances, these perceptions are given more preference by people over what science has to say, and people tend to ignore their bodies’ signals that something is not right.

It is extremely important to connect to our bodies and understand them in order to optimize our health, and here’s the thing: our mouths provide us with the perfect opportunity to do that.

The number of people who may be interested in health but completely disregard their oral and dental health are too many to count! People often forget that the human body, although vast, is also a vastly holistic and interconnected system. The human body is only able to function normally if EVERYTHING is functioning smoothly.

Suppose someone’s heart stopped working. Well, they would die of course. Many of our organs and body parts are absolutely crucial to overall physical health and body function. Our mouth and teeth are no exception.

The mouth is the literal gateway to the human body. One could use their mouth to either nourish the body with healthy foods, or destroy it by consuming unhealthy foods which are processed and contain toxins and chemicals. Whatever you decide to place in our mouth will inevitably affect your entire body in a major way. Maybe not the very same day, but that change is always coming.

It’s not all about what we put in our mouth, either. A mouth that is physically cleaner is not just attractive and hygienic, it is also EXTREMELY NECESSARY for your overall health. The mouth plays a key role in disease prevention. For instance, poor oral health has been researched to have links to diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer.

So it’s better to be smart and safe and protect your mouth and teeth as one would protect, their heart and brain, because good oral health is critical for the performance and well-being of the entire human body, not just to have a prettier smile.

September 18, 2017

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