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Senior Dentist Murdered in Islamabad

Islamabad- Senior Dentist, Dr Muhammad Saeed Iqbal was murdered in Islamabad under mysterious circumstances. Mahwish Saeed (daughter) informed Dental News that the murder had happened inside his house on January 19th, between 12:30 to 12:45pm.

Dr Iqbal graduated in 1969 from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore, where he was senior to Dr Arif Alvi, who is currently the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. After graduation, Dr Iqbal joined dental core.

Dr Iqbal has five children, all of which are settled abroad and were, therefore, absent from the country at the time of this incident. He had been living in Islamabad with his wife, who at the time of attack was present in a different room. Dr Iqbal’s mouth, hands and feet were tied up, and he was stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver. No signs of resistance were found on the victim’s body, neither does the crime site present a scene of forced entry.

The wife did not hear anyone forcefully entering or leaving the house. She heard her husband utter the words, “I don’t have anything,” after which she locked herself in the room and did not come out, and instead called the neighbours who then called the police.

Daughter of the deceased is hopeful that the President Islamic Republic of Pakistan Dr Arif Avi will extend the required assistance in the solving of her father’s murder case.


January 23, 2019

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