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A workshop on CPR was conducted by a very competitive cardiologist of the city – Dr Sohail Tufail with his team. Dr Fatahiya Kashif – Associate Professor (Biochemistry), IDH was in-charge of the posters and had offered full support. Poster and Paper Presentation Competitions, featuring a good number of energetic students, was also a major part of the event. The feedback of the conference was pretty good and every participant wanted such activities to be organized on a regular basis. Setting a higher profile for such educational and research-oriented events in the city, I anticipate it to be an exemplary step towards better medical and dental facilities for everyone. Seeking the Divine help, one day we might give this city a higher rankThe other key speakers were: Dr Hanna Abdul Majeed – Asst. Prof. Operative Dentistry at IDH; Dr Shahid Riaz Warraich – Asst. Prof. Maxillofacial Surgery department IDH, Dr Tanveer Hussain Warraich – Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon; Dr Saleh Muhammad – Consultant Medical Specialist and Dr Sadia Munir – Consultant Dermatologist.Different lectures from the medical and dental sectors were featured by the renowned consultants of Sialkot. Dr Sabir Hussain – Principal Islam Dental College participated as the chief guest and made a valuable speech. As there is always room for improvement, we must never stop at one point, becoming stagnant and losing our pace with the outside world. We felt the need for improvement with determination to do something positive, by following the Sialkot’s tradition of ‘Self-Reliance’. Contemplating over the current challenges in medical and dental fields, we aimed to create an open platform, where we can get together every now and then, to discuss the problems and find appropriate solutions. With this culture, we get a chance to update our knowledge in respective fields and upgrade our general practices. Consequently, we orchestrated the 1st Sialkot Medical and Dental Conference recently. With all the local participants and a good response, this conference was aimed to be a non-political step towards higher standards in medical and dental health care across the city.Medicine in the past few years has also improved with the emergence of a greater number of medical and dental consultants in the city than what we had in the past. With every single day passing, there are new advancements, technologies and techniques being created, which provide not only better treatment strategies, but also convenience at the practitioner’s level, ultimately improving the treatment standards.

It’s the second largest source of foreign exchange earnings, through its exports and remittances from the overseas manpower. The fourth largest economic hub in Punjab, with the Sialkot Dry Port, Roads and an International Airport are the great achievements of its inhabitants, proving it to be self-sufficient in meeting its commercial demands.Sialkot has a marvelous history of doing things on its own which has brought it to a point that today the per capita income of Sialkot is ranked among the highest in Pakistan.in medical and dental health care. – Dr Sadia Zaheer, Dental Surgeon, Sialkot.

May 15, 2013

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